Patty is a really nice gelding.  He stand about 15.2 hands high and has a great performance pedigree but is still one of the gentlest, nicest family type geldings around.  We have used him in the mountains, on pack trips and in hunting camp the last two years.  He worked on a ranch a year prior to that.  He is the same horse after sitting for months.  Just catch him, saddle up and ride off.  No hump buck or silliness.  He is easy to catch anywhere...very kind and wants to be your friend.  He is quiet and nice to have around and be around.  He gets along well in the herd an we have enjoyed him.  His only vice is that if he is in a smaller pen - he will crib.  We've been running him in the pasture and haven't seen him crib since.   

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CONSIGNED TO Salmon Select Horse Sale

April 10, 2021 - Salmon, ID