Rosa is a dark dun molly mule.  She's 9 years old, weighs in about 1050 and stands 14.2 hands.  She loves people and loves to have her butt scratched.  We've used her all over the mountains doing everything from packing to being ridden.  I personally rode her a lot but also have put hunters on her that only know how to hang on and she brought them out safe and sound going through the mountains, creeks, over logs and with dogs in tow.  She holds a saddle great and does not need a britchen or crupper but will take either with no worries.  She is a really nice "quarter horse" built mule.  She shoes, clips and hauls.  Good with feet and ears.  She's easy to catch and the right size to get on anywhere.  

  FMI call Jesse 307-699-1191

Consigned to Jake Clark's Mule Days Sale

June 20, 2021 - Ralston WY