Wyatt Derp



Wyatt is a 16HH 1250lb mule.  He is an exceptional ONE OF A KIND john mule.  He is a mule that truly wants to be your friend.  He will find you and hang out with you.  He is big enough to pack the biggies and gentle enough for the littles.  He is kind to dogs and kids but will ride around for mom and dad to travel down the trail perfectly.  He will lope around the cattle and gather (even when you get a call at midnight saying your longhorns are out - and he's the one to meet you at the gate. Bridle him up - hop on bareback and through the deep snow to gather the steers we went. He didn't bobble or make a mistake.) He lopes with a low head and is as smooth as you will find.  You can rope one off him if you want.  There is not a more gentle mule around!  You can catch him anywhere if he doesn't catch you first.  Pack anything on him you desire.  He's good to shoe, clip and bathe.  He loads and hauls quiet.  He's great with his ears, easy to bridle.  He has a great back to hold a saddle and will take a britchen or crupper but does not need one.  I cannot express enough how excited and happy we are to present such a fine, gentle mule!  

Consigned to Jake Clarks Mule Days Sale

June 20, 2021 - Ralston WY